Plastic strain mapping of the section

During the Virtual Crash Test the plastic deformation is only superficial.
Von Mises strength criterion mapping.
We prefer to get it right right away and not waste time and resources with lots of practice tests.
This is why we design the tips with CAD and check them with FEM technology before building the mould.
We simulate the resistance of the tip and if necessary we modify it to have the ideal performance.

FEM Tecnology

Original geometry

Optimization Trial  1

Stress Test

The simulation was carried out in compliance with the European legislation;
the tip was positioned tangent to a 90° test fixture.
This impactor weighs 20 kg and is a wedge positioned at 90° shaped with a 3mm radius in the impact zone.
It is released from a height of 1 m with an impact energy of 200 J.


TOECAP Crash Test


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